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Nibbled cones

Observed: 14th March 2012 By: Merops-iar
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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New picture added showing squirrel chewed on left (roughly pulled) and mouse chewed closely honed on right. Red squirrel only prevelent in the area

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Have you seen my recent postings??

Road Kill-Red Squirrel?

Hazel Trevan

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Nibbled cones

there are numerous Scurius vulgaris in this area. Scurius carolinensis have very rarely been seen. The cones are found close to small mammal holes. The same nibbled cones are found along the forest rides.

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Squirrel or Mouse/Red or Grey

I have to agree with Gill on this one for two reasons; 1) Mice (or voles for that matter) never sit out in the open to gnaw cones but seek out places under vegetation etc - or will take them into their underground runs. Consequently, are not so commonly found. As for squirrels, I think it would be very difficult to tell whether they were gnawed by Grey or Red as both species have similar habits in that they will either take them up into a tree where there is relative safety or they will sit on some raised feature (such as a tree-stump) which offers good all-round visibility giving them early warning of danger. It looks to me as if these cones have been dropped from a tree.

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Definitely a squirrel, no rodent would strip a cone so thoroughly. As for which one, there is no way of knowing as both are found in the area, therefore I must go with Gill.

Graham Banwell

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