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Large feather

Observed: 28th February 2012 By: beccasroberts
Large brown feather

Feather is 35cm long. It was found on a grassy common surrounded by farm land.

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What colour is it? I think the colour of the background may be distorting the colour of the feather in the picture.

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That is large for one of the outer primary feathers and should put it from a bird the size of a Greylag Goose or something of a similar size. Any other clues to help pin it down?


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I was thinking along the lines of Canada goose, but I admit wild speculation.

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It is reddy brown. It was

It is reddy brown. It was just by itself. The area is not that close to any water although it is fairly near the sea.

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feather !

im no expert , but it looks like a female pheasant feather or a goose feather