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Spotted dog (or Jerusalem Cowslip)

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Spotted dog

Likely to be a garden escapee (since they are just outside a garden!)

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never heard

I have never heard of those common names for Pulmonaria before quite interesting wonder if there local to your area.


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Common Names

Nor here in Lancashire, I'd love to know how it came by them.

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'Un' common names

Hello Sheila,
No these are not locally common names - they come from an old copy of The Reader's Digest encyclopaedia of garden plants and flowers I've had knocking around for years. I suspect these names have a more southerly origin. Richard Mabey, in his wonderful book 'Flora Britannica' gives even more local names e.g 'Jacob's coat', 'Soldiers and sailors' and 'Mary-spilt-the-milk'(which refers to the white-splashed leaves). There is also, apparently, an even older name (now obsolete) of 'Abraham,Isaac and Jacob' which derive from the colour changes in the flower - going from pink to blue "so that the plant is always 'in the motley'".

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Wonderful names

Grigson's Englishman's Flora gives Adam & Eve , so called by gypsies in New Forest,Blue Cowslip,I.O.W.,Josephs & Maries,Lungwort, &Snake's Flower,Hants.Thank you all for the comments. Hazel

Hazel Trevan

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Abraham,Isaac and Jacob

is now used for Trachystemon orientalis which undergoes a similar colour change.