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Parmotrema perlatum

Observed: 27th February 2012 By: ns2658
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Originally posted here: http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/249149?nav=users_observations
but have reposted with a new improved photo. The yellow lichen has been identified as Xanthoria parietina. This observation is to identify the grey green lichen.


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Could it be that the weather has done something to it?
Xanthoria parietina has been seen looking like "dayglow" paint this year. I have seen it like this and also another specimen that was the more normal orange.
The old photo looked like a bit of plastic that had been blown into the tree by the wind..


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... depends on exposure to sunlight. In strong sun, Xanthoria makes a lot of the yellow/orange pigment parietin, which acts as sunscreen for its algal partner. In shade, the thallus can be grey.

We may not have parasitism here, just healthy competition. The blue-grey Xanthoria lobes are probably just a shade effect.

However, parasitism does happen. See http://goo.gl/sUtqy for an image of Xanthoria polycarpa invading Physcia stellaris.


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Photographic equipment

I'm going to have to invest in some better photographic equipment. They all seemed pretty good when I was viewing them on my computer, but once uploaded here they didn't as good at all.

I do have another photo from a different tree in another garden from the same town. It might be a bit better. Should I post it here, or start a new observation?

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New observation

If it's a different location, you should post a new observation. Only if it's the same location and the same species should you add images to an existing observation.