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Arctic Warbler

Observed: 9th November 2011 By: GrahamSGrahamS’s reputation in BirdsGrahamS’s reputation in BirdsGrahamS’s reputation in Birds
Arctic Warbler
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More photos?

Do you have any more photos of this individual which show whether it has a wing-bar and central crown stripe - details of the leg colour would also be helpful. There are some other eastern Phylloscs which this might just be, which cannot be discounted from this single photo.


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I agree

This could be an Arctic Warbler, but I don't think other species can be ruled out.

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I think the bill length rules

I think the bill length rules out Greenish and Two-barred Warbler although Eastern-crowned Warbler can't be ruled out

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More Photos

Unfortunately I do not have another photograph of this bird. Sorry

Graham S

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Unfortunately I don't think Eastern Crowned Warbler can be ruled out, so it is unlikely that this record can be agreed - if you submit it as Phylloscopus sp, then I'll agree it.

Best wishes