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A large spider crab.

Observed: 7th April 2010 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebratesnightfly’s reputation in Invertebrates
8th April 10 049
April 7th 10 C,lough,Glenarm 014
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That reminds me of a really

That reminds me of a really large one I didn't photo as it was missing all but it's last pair of legs which were clinging to the rock. A fisherman explained that bass regularly eat the legs but can't crack the heavy carapace

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Cheers Chris, I suppose I

Cheers Chris, I suppose I always assume crustaceans have been fighting with each other when limbs are missing but I wouldnt be at all surprised if bass snacked on them. Its not very nice of the bass!


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Spidery portals

C..(and Chris)
What another amazing confusion - NBN has messed it up, MaRLIN's map is difficult to believe and the names are cross-jumbled in a number of WebReferences!
>>WoRMS<< (only) appears to suggest UK Waters (perhaps with unconfirmed records) and North Atlantic Ocean - giving ONLY Arguin Bank for likely sightings. Oh and the Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone!
MaRLIN seems to ignore the Common spider crab Maja squinado's presence anywhere.
iSpot has M.squinado as the Common Spider Crab.
Your link to MaRLIN, Cathal, gives both Maja squinado & Maja gigantean as synonyms of Maja brachydactyla.
There is a pleasant pictorial treatise here

Goodness then, there is no hope for the inexperienced mariner!

I thought you'd be interested in this >>GBIF Portal<<
Records here can be interrogated, after accepting Term & Conditions, by moving the red rectangle to the records, after zooming the map and clicking eventually on a single record. This is then displayed to be read in detail via View.

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You don't need to tell me

You don't need to tell me dejay, I'm already well aware of the Squinado/ brachydactyla problem, the same as the shore clingfish (L.lepadogaster/L.purpurea) problem; which are the same as the striped venus problem. In all 3 cases a species found in Atlantic & mediterranean has been deemed 2 species by a Potuguese/Spanish expert (where both types are found), & in all 3 the Atlantic version got renamed.& in all 3 the latest guidebooks (complete collins 2012 & RSPB handbook 2013) have stuck to the old names.(which I believe the older guidebooks have also). The trouble is these changes have split the UKSI lists in 2

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the trouble..

Yes, but it was all new to me - I tried (and wanted) to agree with the ID, as you have done, but found simple naming is not the main issue but it is one of correct identity (a slightly different thing).
I deliberately ignored my books, because there are quite dated, though Fish & Fish has this 'properly' tagged; but notes "shows wide morphological variation..." and that "..two species should be recognised..". None of this allows for 'correct' agreements and so makes many Marine posts fraught (which we know from the recent Clam posts.
I wonder if you have caught up with my comments regarding self healing (of Global Posts)?