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Orchard Lichen

Observed: 24th February 2012 By: ploughmanploughman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensploughman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Crustose Lichen foundon bark of 20 year old Apple Tree. Thallus grey/green becoming more green toward centre of 3cm diam colony. In places can see thin black prothallus. Many Apothecia away from the periphery, outer one round, mis-shaped as more crowded. Lecanorine with purple/brown central portion.


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Could be

This is certainly a candidate for L. argentata, and indeed the black prothallus appears to be its own, rather than belonging to neighbouring Lecidella elaeochroma, which is more often the case.

I cannot click agreement as microscopic confirmation is an absolute requirement, but ... quite possibly.