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Hoverfly from Guernsey

Observed: 13th May 2007 By: mplawlormplawlor’s reputation in Invertebratesmplawlor’s reputation in Invertebrates
hoverfly Guernsey

Common species in my garden in the Spring here in Guernsey.

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It's either vernale or festivum, but I'm not sure which, from the picture. I would have liked to see the base of the front and mid femora to get more idea. I don't get vernale round here, so don't know that species at all. It certainly looks like festivum, but the two species are very similar.


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festivum versus vernale

As per comments above Included below a key illusrtating some of the further features needed to detemine species which will include a look at antennal segmentation in itself it is not overly helpful indifferentiating vernale

Best Wishes - HTH


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Thanks for the ID comments. I see what you mean about the straightness & obliqueness of the bands. Both species on the local list I have.

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festivum versus vernale