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Dead birds

Observed: 25th May 2011 By: councilkid
marsh warbler?
marsh warbler?
marsh warbler?

I found this bird below a glass walled building in clarenden road watford.
I forgot i had taken the photo on my phone.
Having checked my books i have come up with marsh warbler due to thin pale eye ring,squareish tail and upper bill being darker than lower bill.
Seems a little odd to find such a scarce bird dead,although i did find a dead peregrine some weeks earlier.

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hard to tell

It says in the book's that it is hard to tell between reed and marsh warbler without hearing there song's.I have agreed as you have said might be.It's a shame that so many birds are killed because of window's,so that's my excuse for not cleaning mine so the bird's don't fly into them.


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The legs look quite dark, more a sign of Reed, and the underparts are quite buff, again more like Reed. Marsh tends to show pale tips to the primaries, in Spring, which this bird does not really have. Marsh would look more olive-toned, as well. It looks like a Reed, then, to me. Not easy, though! See what others think, as well.


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The rufous tones on the rump also indicate Reed Warbler - Marsh Warblers tend to have very 'cold' tones, with perhaps at most a weak rufous tinge to the rump. The wings would also perhaps tend to look longer (though this is difficult to judge, especially from these photos of a dead bird), and would usually have more obvious pale tips.

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Re: birds flying into glass

I once worked in a visitor centre/museum. The building had a large amount of glass on opposite sides of the building which seemed to cause a particular problem for birds and I found more than one dead bird that had flown into the glass. In an attempt to reduce the number of casualties, I stuck outline pictures of a kestrel on the inside of the glass at what seemed the most vulnerable points and this proved to be very effective! Perhaps others could give it a try.