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Isn't this just amazing, taken in a wood in Sligo

Observed: 24th February 2012 By: amazing
in a wood in Sligo
frog spawn in an Irish woodland
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i am new to ispot what kind of frog is this?

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Common frog

I am not an amphibian expert but I believe that this is a common frog, the only species of British frog except the extremely rare pool frog.

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Hi Amazing, as far as I have

Hi Amazing, as far as I have read, and in agreement with ns2658 above I think there is only one Irish frog species, common frog.

Didnt know this myself til very recently- I thought I was seeing different looking frogs and I wondered a bit but it seems they are all just variations of Rana temoraria.

Lovely pic.


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Thanks for your comment Cathal,


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Just to clarify Caroline, and

Just to clarify Caroline, and someone should correct me if I'm wrong, there could be a couple of species in Britain as suggested above by ns2658, but we have just the one here in Ireland, as with lizards, it makes IDing these critters very easy and hassle free, which is nice for a change.


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Someone more knowledgeable will doubtless answer, but in the meantime, there are certainly more than just Common Frog in the UK. Marsh Frogs, quite a large species, are very common in parts of southern England. Edible Frogs are found in one or two places. Pool Frogs are now extinct, I think. Then there are occasional small populations of Tree Frog and Bullfrog (escapes from captivity, deliberate or otherwise, I suppose).


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I must apologise for not picking up on the fact that you were in Ireland.

Common and pool are the only native species of frog in the UK. All the others mentioned are either introduced or alien.