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Hoverfly ? id please

Observed: 24th February 2012 By: foxyfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebratesfoxy’s reputation in Invertebrates

A hoverfly on a daisy in my garden today.

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Hi John, nice image above, I

Hi John,

nice image above, I wouldnt know much about this type of insect at all.

I have friends very close to where you are, they live in Two Mile Borris and they have a bit of bog nearby, hopefully this summer I will finally get to do some recording on that piece of bog. Only other recording I did in your area was on the Suir near Golden in July 2010. I failed to get pics of some lovely damsel flies that day as they wouldnt sit at peace long enough, think they were banded demoiselle, that river is stuffed with crayfish, I videoed an otter eating one near dusk.


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Hello Cathal

Thanks for your comment I have been following your posts with great interest since you joined up , not too many ispot members in island of Ireland (about 5-6 regulars I think )
Yes I"ve seen otters and crayfish though not on the Suir,and I know Two mile Borris and Golden well,maybe you could find me on flickr where my user name is "Grallagh" ,(after a bog I love to explore always some thing new to be found )if youd like to hook up for a few hrs during your visit.


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Sounds like a plan John,I

Sounds like a plan John,

I plan to get onto Quirke's bit of bog this summer in good insect conditions and I want to put out a moth trap overnight as there will be species there I will never record up here in Antrim.

That bit of the Suir I was on was full of crayfish, encountered an otter twice that day but cant say for sure it wasnt the same animal, it was munching on a crayfish in deep water towards evening and I got a little bit of video but it wont win any awards.

Those damsels were really nice, it was the first time I'd seen them. I put up a Beautiful China Mark moth from that day recently on iSpot, there is a brown insect in the photo which you might know, I havent a clue what it is?

I'll let you know when I will be down, I stayed in the Horse and Jockey that last time i was down, it was for a wedding in Dundrum, thats how I discovered that part of the Suir. It looks nice beside Holycross Abbey too.