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Observed: 23rd February 2012 By: Jane Bolton

Found in a plastic bag of bananas from Costa Rica

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For clarification, you found

For clarification, you found this in the UK in a banana bag from Costa Rica or found it in bag while in Costa Rica?

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It was found in the uk, in

It was found in the uk, in the banana bag, bananas from Costa Rica. Not sure where Tesco package their bananas though, so I suppose it could be a UK species if it got into the bag whilst being packed in the UK.

What shall I do with it?

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Don't let it go, just keep

Don't let it go, just keep hold of it; they won't live too long.

You should probably also report it to your county moth recorder, they'll probably be interesting (even if it's not wild). If you're location is correct that'll be Gloucestershire, so email: roger.gaunt@btinternet.com.

I suppose you should also report it to Tesco.

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None of the Antichloris

None of the Antichloris species on the British list have been recorded in Glos so your holding on to the moth would be fabulous.

Robert Homan

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Did a really bad thing, it

Did a really bad thing, it looked like it was dying so I put it out of the kitchen window, then read your comment, a couple of hours later. Luckily it was on the ground just under the window, so its back in the fridge again. Its really scary looking, it has red eyes, or red markings that look like eyes, and white markings that look like big white teeth! I had already informed Peter Hugo, another Glos recorder he has asked a friend to see if he knows what it is.
Thanks for your help.

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There's certainly.....

There's certainly something of the gothic horror about it. Although it's very striking and beautiful in my opinion. A great find!


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It's dead now, would anyone

It's dead now, would anyone like it??