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Sparrowhawk feather

Observed: 21st February 2012 By: julia@wow
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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A pile of blackbird feathers in the garden with a signal to what had taken it. I am guessing it is a sparrowhawk?

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Hi Julia, This is almost

Hi Julia,

This is almost certainly from a cock pheasant, the tip of a primary wing feather, based on its pointed shape and also on the colour/markings. I'm just familiar with the feathers as I have used them for a very long time in the tying of trout fishing flies.
The hen pheasant feather doesnt have that very fine flecking/mottling which is to be seen on the longer webbed (inner to the birds body) side of the feather. If you do not have any such feathers I could photograph a complete one and post it on here for you to compare it with your own?


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Pheasant feather

Thank you very much - all makes perfect sense as I have a cock pheasant visiting my garden on a regular basis and always walks around the area where the blackbird feathers were on the ground.

I was not aware of the use of pheasant feathers for trout fishing flies so thanks for that information too.