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Abandoned Badger Sett

Observed: 1st April 2010 By: elk3
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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This mound is the remains of an abandoned badger sett on grassland at the edge of Spittlemore Coppice Hatfield Forest. There are signs of recent excavation, proably by rabbits.

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Badger sett

The large mounds in front of the holes indicate these to be badger. The fact they are grass covered suggests they have not been used for some time.

Within a badger territory they will have upwards of five main setts and a number of satellite setts. They use one and when it becomes dirty and flea ridden they move to one of the others, coming back in turn. However, the unused setts rarely become so overgrown as these. I suspect there are no longer any badgers using this territory. Do you have any evidence to support this? For example, has there been any badger culling, legal or illegal in the area?

Graham Banwell

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