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Observed: 22nd February 2012 By: DaisyMS
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We found this observation by

We found this observation by the side of pod on a piece of rotten dry wood. It was alive and moving about. It has many crawling small legs similar to those of a millipede. It looks brown on the back and has a white line on the front. I will put a link to a video clip showing the 'observation' moving about soon.

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I wouldn't say it has two

I wouldn't say it has two legs because it had several small legs with two long things on the head. Yes, I agree it could belong to the millipede family. It is generally brown in colour on the back but looks cream when turned on it's front. I will try to put a video clip of the observation online for people to see.

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Sorry, it was my error, I meant to say it has 2 pairs of legs per segment, which would make it a millipede. This specimen does have that but there appears to be the odd leg missing. If you do a Google images search on the Latin name you will see some very similar examples, albeit of varying colours.