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Red-tailed bumblebee

Observed: 25th July 2010 By: marysias1marysias1’s reputation in Invertebratesmarysias1’s reputation in Invertebrates

Whipsnade ZOO. I am almost sure it was the red-tailed bumblebee. The hair on the hind legs is black (so not a red-shanked carder bee and the 'bald' pollen baskets are visible so I'm assuming not Bombus rupestris?).
As it happens, the ZOO has much more to offer than 'just' the elephants and lemurs!

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Bombus lapidarius & rupestris

Even if you couldn't see the pollen baskets B rupestris would stand out as having very dark (smoky) wings.

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Thank you for that - I did

Thank you for that - I did read that the wings of the cuckoos are darker but didn't know the difference is big enough to be spotted easily.