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Sori on a fern

Observed: 21st February 2012 By: rr4429
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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strange orange dots_21.02

the leaves generated on a tree trunk and sori are clearly visible on the lower epidermis

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I found one

Mine was on a log that was laying on the ground.


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I have just noticed that it is showing in "other organisms".
It would be better if you click the edit button near the top left and just change it to plants so that more plant experts see it.


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you're right... thanks for

you're right... thanks for the tip!

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This is a fern growing on the

This is a fern growing on the tree trunk (not a parasite or anything like that). The spots are the spore-producing structures (sori, made up of sporangia), and the dots are the spores (the fern equivalent of seeds).



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Thank you

I will update the description!