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Snowdrop rescue

Observed: 19th February 2012 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in Plants

Found growing out of a pile of fly-tipped rubbish with the bulbs the wrong way up and not even in the ground. When i went in for the rescue they led me to a cash token with a value of about £2-3 that i must redeem at the local scrap metal yard. I did put a quick shot of one close to my ob of Coltsfoot on to show what they should be like. There may be one or two Narcissus with them too. They will be nursed back to life and planted to extend the flowering period of my chive patch.
How sad can fly-tippers get?

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Shame as there such lovely plants and it's about £2 for 15 bulb's,so you have got a good bargain there.I have removed many a discarded plant from skip's before.


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I know

The big clump has quite large bulbs too. They will never look there best this year but once they are the right way up they should be fine next year. It was getting dark so they have had to wait a day or so before they go in. There are rather a lot for the space i have but the rest will have to squeeze in round by the back door.


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Good luck

with the snowdrops.Have been looking at a variety of wild snowdrops in a range of locations on I.O.W & do not think they are so well flowered due to our continuing lack of prolonged rain which will no doubt correct itself in time.

Hazel Trevan

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Two species

The larger bulbs have dark skin while the smaller ones with a couple of Narcissus amongst then have lighter skins. Galanthus is about as far as i would go on this one.