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Two badgers

Observed: 20th February 2012 By: ht787
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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two badgers

I'm building a collection of badger photos from my garden in the hope that I will be able to identify individuals. Their colouration is one feature of interest as this picture shows.

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Good luck

with your obs.Have had some good views & some varied shots over the years.Have made a few lightning sketches whilst they have been feeding here .Colour has varied & is easier when they are dry.Head stripes, ear damage and tail shape as well as feeding posture have helped.Some have been far more timid than others too.We are near 2 setts so have heard some awful fights & had 1 poorly one that seems to have recovered.

Hazel Trevan

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This seems to be a fairly

This seems to be a fairly peaceful sett. None of the badgers I've seen over the years has had serious rump wounds, missing ears, etc. They usually appear in larger groups during the spring so hopefully now that I have the technology I'll get a few group shots to work with.