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Dunnock feeding

Observed: 12th February 2012 By: corylus
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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Dunnock feeding ,& blurred close up

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I've always known these little birds as dunnocks. 'Hedge accentor' is new to me. What are the origins of the two names?

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what's in a name?

One book says Accentors are small, slim-billed ,shuffling ground birds & Dunnocks are very common,once known as Hedge Sparrows .They are known also for promiscuity & lots of wing flapping displays which I have seen amongst our shrubs.There was a mention of another name to do with shuffling on Ispot last year so maybe someone else will know.Extra homework for you ?Good luck with your course.P.S. Ispot came up with Hedge Accentor on the recommend tab.I nearly added Dunnock but thought it might confuse the system & not link the Obs. to th e other .ones

Hazel Trevan

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Thanks. I will certainly

Thanks. I will certainly consider it extra homework to try and find out more!