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jaw bone found on beach

Observed: 19th February 2012 By: hm4559
jaw bone1
jaw bone2

part of a jaw bone found on the beach.It has a narrow snout and 2 rows of very pointy teeth. some large and some smaller. Not length 20cm. length of longest tooth 1.5cm

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Jaw bone observed by hm4559

This loks to me like the jaw bone of an anglerfish Lophias piscatorius. The uneven size of the teeth is typical. I'm more used to identifying live fish from photos but I'm fairly sure about this.

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Good to see some agreement.

Good to see some agreement. If you 'I agree' with Stix's ID, iSpot will register this.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Monk fish

Note the thin jaw bone and two rows of irregular spaced and sized teeth. This is from a monk fish (Lophius piscatorius). There is a stump of bone at one end, this would continue for a few more centimetres forming a scythe-like protuberance parallel to the jaw line.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for your id! I'm

Thanks for your id! I'm really pleased to know what this is, my daughter can now take it to school to show her class.


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Just seeing this now, very

Just seeing this now, very interesting. Graham and Stix I would be grateful for your opinions on a jawbone my friend found, I'll post it shortly.

Pics added here, similar to the above, maybe mine is an angler fish also?