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Observation 2

Observed: 17th February 2012 By: jcs487
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Marsh Harrier

The series of photographs do not seem to have uploaded - I can not see an image next to any of the observations by jcs487

Would love to see this in particular please

Best of luck

mustang sally

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Marsh Harrier Sighting

Thanks for your interest 'Mustang sally' No photos i'm afriad. But Harrier is visible most days at present, go take a look. Regards Jim.

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Hi Jim and welcome to iSpot

It is unfortunately true a photo is not always available to accompany an observation, often the camera was not to hand when the sparrow hawk lands in the middle of the lawn and some people do not posses one (though every gadget seems to pack a camera of one quality or another these days).

Not having an image does not preclude anyone from participating on iSpot of course and indeed as you are no doubt aware the OU makes the point it is not necessary (a discussion thread elsewhere) however there is a certain minimum amount of information an observer needs to supply if they want agreement.

When a person agrees with an observation it is on the basis of the evidence provided before them (best but often not conclusive is a picture). I’m not in a position to pop up to Yarmouth to verify your observation, nice though the trip would be, so I need to be as sure as I can be you have seen what you have seen. Please remember too there are many people with varying degrees of expertise found on iSpot (watch for the rash of unknown/misidentified juvenile starlings in a month or two’s time) and in fairness all evidence has to be treated the same from all sources.

A description of the species being observed would be a help (and is a good idea even if there is a photo – things such as a call description often help) and this should contain any diagnostic features noticed plus behaviour if relevant.

Hope you are enjoying the course.