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White structures at outflow near bracklin falls

Observed: 15th January 2012 By: Pat1
strange structures in bracklin falls

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white structure below waterfall outflow

unknow white structures

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Circular plates like this are

Circular plates like this are common in swirling eddying water. I usually see them at the foot of waterfalls. They may be either ice (this does not look like ice) or foam. I have never been certain what forms the foam, but have assumed that it consists of large molecules derived from decaying organisms in the water and leached from the catchment.

I doubt that fungi are a significant direct cause.



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Another go

It could be caused by detergent pollution combined with bacteria that are feeding on the oil base of the detergent. Whatever the detergent was used to wash off may well form a crust for a while.
I have seen large slabs of foam close to the outflows of treatment works more than once that last for weeks.