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Mute Swans

Observed: 19th February 2012 By: isobellybeeisobellybee’s reputation in Birds

Mute Swans, I think this is a mother and juvenile, because I know that swans pair for life and the father got killed earlier in the year. I think this is a juvenile because the beak is lighter and it is a more dirty cream.

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Hi Isobel

Welcome to i-spot and hope you have fun posting . When you type in Mute Swan click the Get recommended Button and it will bring a drop down box for you "Cygnus olor" this gives the full ID options and more people will agree with you helping you acheive your first "Bird" which has popped up whilst writing :-) This will happen with plants nad insects and so on

Enjoy and have fun , most of all have a go Great picture BTW

Best Wishes


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I think the swan on the right was probably born in 2010. If it was a juvenile born last year, it would show more brown feathers still. Nearly a full adult.

There are some nice drake Pochard in the photo, too.

Welcome to iSpot, by the way!


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