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Pyrausta Moth on Marjoram

Observed: 15th August 2010 By: DluogsDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pyrausta 1c underside
Pyrausta 1a upper
Pyrausta 1b underside
Pyrausta 1d Scale in mm

Small brown moth with gold markings.

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Pyrausta species i.d.

I've been trying to use the helpful PDF from Upper Thames Butterflies: Difficult Moths - Pyrausta. This suggests the subterminal line is diagnostic. But looking at the underwings on my photos, I can't tell whether there there is a subterminal line or just a worn and so lighter area at the base of the wings. Can you help me with this, please. Thanks!

Sorry - the reason for the Pyrausta Purpuris ID is wrong - it applies to a different moth I will upload. I wish you had two minutes grace to delete ID typos in!

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On the basis of this specimen i dont think you can conclude on the wings as is in the image in any case i dont think they are sufficiently open to identify the white spot in the basal area , there are other options as well

I think the safest option is Pyraustra for what its worth it looks like P. aurata but I could be wrong (oops you managed to find the same link )


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No white spot

Sorry - my reason for the P. purpuralis belongs to another insect - just uploaded. I was using at the underside of the wings to try and identify this specimen. There's a lot of yellow on them but not sure if there's a clear subterminal line. Also the abodmen underside doesn't look black. But thanks for replying!

PS - I have changed the order of the photos so the underside is the first one that people look at.