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Highland Cattle

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Highland Cattle

long horns, long wavy back or red coats

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Park Cattle

The common name Park Cattle was the name iSpot recommended for the Latin : Bos taurus, there are other common names but I chose this one because it was interesting; it is a common name that I was unfamiliar with and best described the purpose of the cattle - who were managing a woodland ride where villagers often walked dogs, and a few houses had been built.

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Park cattle

I've had this with the iSpot nomenclature. Park cattle are something very specific, actually not found in Britain. Domestic cattle should be the heading but I found iSpot insisted on changing it to Park cattle when I tried to use that common name so I gave up!

These are Highland cattle and will be being used because they will eat shrubs and young trees, therefore, controlling encroachment.

Graham Banwell

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Domestic cattle

Thanks for this explanation Graham

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'Highland Cattle'

Thank you, Graham for your contribution. It seems I am the only person who went with this name - which I find inexplicable. This is an iconic breed of cattle which I have known most of my life; and why it should generate 'controversy' is quite beyond me.