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Gonocerus acuteangulatus

Observed: 9th June 2011 By: FrancineFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in Invertebrates

Another bug from our French trip last year, this one at our campsite in Realmont. Maybe not the best angle but it does show the shoulders nicely.

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Could well be. Looks Coreidae and the right shape.
The apparently greenish scutellum doesn't quite match up with images in British Bugs Gallery and in my personal handbook but if this isn't a camera effect, perhaps the expansion of geographical range is revealing greater colour variation than was previously known.

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I wondered about the colour too, I did wonder if it was slightly teneral. I've just checked the date and location as we saw another similar bug at the same location and that one was much darker. I also realised I'd got the location wrong!

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I found this site and some of these photos show a similar colour to mine.