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Unknown Bird of Prey on Headland

Observed: 25th May 2006 By: kieranc23kieranc23’s reputation in Birdskieranc23’s reputation in Birdskieranc23’s reputation in Birds
Hope Cove walk (11)
Hope Cove walk (10)

A bird of prey observed from the headland near Hope Cove, Devon in May 2006. I think the photos are too far away for an identification but an attempt would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for the identifications. It was six years ago but I think the wingspan was about 2ft (61cm)

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You beat me to the ID there. I've agreed with yours.
If you look at the second picture, it has the head and body shape of
a kestrel, a raptor you would expect to find in this situation.

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Mystery Bird

I was unsure - the picture is an unusual angle I am sure there are Tail to Wing Ratios that could give a crude indication but they might vary with the age of bird , Not an easy call as all of the bird is not Visible Red Kite is also fairly evident on the NBN Map - I could still be wrong Tony ;-)

Best Wishes


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I refer you back to the

I refer you back to the second picture; looks like a hovering Kestrel
not a soaring Red Kite. The wings aren't right for Red Kite, no feathering of the outer primaries and not really large enough. I think your original ID is ok.

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I think Kestrel

as the factors above,& the photo capture itself suggest hovering Kestrel.Lovely image.

Hazel Trevan