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Weedy & Uncultivated Areas

I was wondering what the chances are in installing a Dropdown for Weedy & Uncultivated Areas ( Wasteland Wayside etc) This in my opinion has always been a most productive area in my travels and does nt seem to fairly aportioned in the category of Habitats and it will be no doubt suprising how important these areas are as wildlife corridors, urban flora and fauna and the retention of our Biodiversity Just a Thought

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I agree - I also find a lot of interesting plants on banks that used to be hedged but are now just grassy 'waysides'- usually with one side on an agricultural field, the other a country road. I'm never sure what this is on ispot - farmland doesn't fit, and neither does grassland... These spaces generally seem overlooked by all but us keen botanisers!

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I never know how to

I never know how to categorise river banks - a habitat I spend a lot of time photographing.

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best to

It would be good to have this as a category but you can just put a description on yourself when adding the observation.There a lots of stream's were I live running through meadows,moorland so I will but grassland on bank next to stream so it does make it clear what the habitat was also if possible soil type.This can be done with road sides and even area's in city's if it's an area that has been cleared I would put urban area were properties have been demolished ect.The problem with new tags is that there are so many that could be added, so I would think iSpot have tried to keep it as simple as possible so maybe it is up to us to add that extra bit of information ourselves in the description section which many people do not use at all.


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Wasteland Grasses & Verges

Hi Sheila - The reason I flagged it is that in theory all obs and general comments from a records point of view probaly have a statistical bearing even on i-spot and could be worked out by habitat type . It would be misleading to conclude that (Hypothetical comment) that 60% of Obs came from Gardens or that only 15% of i-spot observations where on grassland etc If the representative range of habitats are not included which Wasteland Verges etc are often pioneer habitats for substantial biodiversity and a key botanical category . In regard to your point you are right - keep it simple but on the basis of what I can see this is the only signifcicant outstanding habitat tag missing , everything can be more or less slotted into existing categories. Not everyone will enter a description even for the speciesIt is important I think to get it right, presumably some of this info feeds back to NBN in one way or another .

In the charity I voluntary manage we are a consultee body for Calderdale I have taken part of our role to record all wildlife corridors and Biodiversity Mapping on and around around Public ROW so if there is a diversion occurs we can make a more informed objection or concern This type of record helped us for example preserve a ROW (Right of Way on a series of Spring Lines which preserved some associated botany

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I have found quite a bit of stuff growing on coal slag heaps amongst all the Silver Birch. I have had to use "gardens and parks".
Slag garden it had to be. I think the team just want us to use that tag for none of the above on this one.


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I have a similar problem

Howardian is a mosaic of micro habitats and deciding which applies of the criteria is a problem. I generally don't fill it in.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve