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Goshawk feathers

Observed: 16th February 2012 By: David JardineBirds expert

A range of reference feathers from Goshawks (sites confidential). Left to right - tail feather, secondary (first year bird), secondary (adult), tertial. Note the variation in the strength of the barring. I have seen more boldy barred feathers.
It is worth putting 'Goshawk feathers' into your search engine and selecting images, where the variation can be seen - they include feathers similar to those posted earlier today

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David, Thanks for posting


Thanks for posting this selection of raptor feathers. Excluding the solitary eagle feather, these all seem quite a bit smaller than the one I posted earlier as a possible owl feather. It is clearly far too big to be from any native owl species, as pointed out by Ophrys. Its time I had an accurate measurement of that particular feather, and some more backround details too.

Thanks for this,