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Pisaura courtship

Observed: 21st May 2009 By: temerestemeres’s reputation in Invertebratestemeres’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pisaura courting

A female Pisaura being courted by a male. I presume that's a tasty gift for her that he's got in his jaws?

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I am struggling with this image

as i find this the only spider I can look at.So the female is on the left and the darker male in shadow looks like it has an egg sac someone help please????

Hazel Trevan

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The female is indeed the

The female is indeed the large grey one sitting on the leaf. The male is the much darker one creeping over the edge of the leaf, most of him out of sight. I presume the silk-wrapped bundle in his jaws is a courting gift, something for her to eat while he does his duty. I doubt if it's an egg sac - Pisaura egg sacs are much larger and more spherical.