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Help identifying this Tree

Observed: 11th February 2012 By: ChrisB

Could someone identify this tree from the image attached please. It was deciduous, not in leaf, about 15-20 metres high and growing in parkland. It had a few branches on the lower section then spreading out above.

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Tree identification

Personally I think you need a lot more visual information to make a positive identification. like the bud structure,leaf shape, fruits and seeds. If the tree is deciduous you can often see dead leaves at the base, which may help.

David J Trevan

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Tree ID

You're absolutely right, of course, David. I was just having a stab at it.

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It may be Wild Service-tree

It may be Wild Service-tree going by the bark - if so the pattern of the bark gave it its old name of Chequers which appears in some pub names as the fruit was used to fix beer before hops were more widely used.

As has been stated search round the base for old leaves and post a picture for a more positive id

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My thoughts are as follows.....

what else is growing within a reasonable distance? -the map shows woodland,looks like a damaged conifer which would account for not much in the form of branches as mentioned.Like the info about Chequers We have a pub of that name.Our service trees are in woodland which would be slightly more acidic than our mainly alkaline & if not, clay soils.

Hazel Trevan