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Moorhen in tree

Observed: 16th February 2012 By: KittieKatKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in Birds

ive never seen a moorhen do this, has anyone else?

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It's actually very common for Moorhens to be up trees. In fact, they often roost in the lower branches of trees. When disturbed, they will sometimes fly quite high up into willows and other small bushes.

It still always looks rather incongruous, though, I have to say...a moorhen up a tree!


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I have not found a way of viewing the time the photo was taken in a way that can be relied on. Perhaps we could have this in a comment. It would have to be copied from the image info tab on the original computer that it was uploaded from.
Then if it is early morning or late evening roosting is the answer.


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it was taken around midday,

it was taken around midday, we were doing some work at the site and it was up there watching us and calling to its mate that stayed on the ground with the chicks

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Chicks in February is early. How old were they?


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they were quite big, last

they were quite big, last years chicks i think

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Moorhens in trees

I have had Moorhens roosting in trees around farmyard for years and nesting in Ivy about 8-9 ft above groundlevel over cowpath for several years ,chicks were allowed fall to ground and taken to slurry tank where they were reared on insects etc .Strange to hear chicks calling from over your head though !
If threathened they might also seek safety of a tree also.