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Pink spider

Observed: 13th October 2011 By: CRC

Large pink spider, found on wood of rustic archway (which was left on ground prior to assembly). Body about 20 mm long.

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quadratus vs. diadematus

I'm not a spider expert, but the abdomen just looks too large and rounded for diadematus. The colour is good for quadratus and they don't always show the four spots.


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quadratus vs. diadematus

Hi David Colour is usually extremely varied esp (I find) at that time of year . I agree it is a rounded and possibly juvenile specimen and your comments on quadratus are also correct, consider also the habitat quad is likely found in long lush grass diademus similar but more general veg As I say I cant be sure but having spent a while comparing shots at that angle would suggest Diadematus - I could be wrong :-) Another clearer dorsal view would assist

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Large pink spider

Thank you everyone for your help. I have got some dorsal shots but a bit fuzzy. From the pictures and comments so far, I would say it looked more like the diadematus - it was very pink!

I will try and add the dorsal photos to I-Spot (sorry there doesn't seem to be a way to add then directly to this comment).