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Observed: 10th February 2012 By: CRC
Beetles 4
Beetles 5

2 beetles found dead and dried in my spare bedroom. The more complete one is about 230mm long. I think they came down the chimney, presumably when still alive.

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I think all these size

I think all these size estimates should be missing a zero.. A 300mm Cockchafer would really be a sight to behold!



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Yes it would, quite a frightening thought. My only defence is that I was going on the original 230mm and confused myself. Agreed take off a zero. Thanks Richard.

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Not giant cockchafers

Thank you very much for your identification. Comparing the photos of live ones with my rather sorry dried specimens, I'm sure you are right. Yes, the more complete one did have clubbed antennae.
Apologies about the extra zero. I have not had an invasion of giant cockchafers, just a senior moment!