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House Sparrow in Malaysia

Observed: 14th February 2012 By: timcdlucastimcdlucas’s reputation in Birdstimcdlucas’s reputation in Birdstimcdlucas’s reputation in Birds

Seen in the bird park in Kuala Lumpur, but a wild bird. I imagine there's plenty of seed around to be be pilfered. Terrible photo I'm afraid. Haven't quite worked out these high-falutin camera things yet.

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Interesting to see a Tree

Interesting to see a Tree Sparrow like this, the species is in trouble in the UK


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Tree sparrows are coomon

Tree sparrows are coomon throughout SE Asia and are a common introduced species in Borneo and parts of Australia

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bad photo

I'm impressed you can tell anything from that photo! I wasn't expecting anyone to bother with it, let alone inform me I'm wrong.

Thank you very much.

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Have you seen some of the other photos on here .... lol.

Don’t be put off my some of the images you see on here; one or two participants are pro or semi pro wildlife photographers and there are many gifted amateurs but there are many many images that you may describe as average at best. Some we do have to hold our hands up to and say there is nothing to be said from an image but most we can. Interestingly some organisms can’t be identified down to species level with even the best photos.