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Big shrew

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: Rob ColemanRob Coleman’s reputation in MammalsRob Coleman’s reputation in MammalsRob Coleman’s reputation in Mammals

Found this dead shrew in the garden. Its big and dark for a Common Shrew, but I think thats what it is.

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This was definitely not a rat

This was definitely not a rat - lacked prominent ears/eyes and has slightly hairy tail - as well as red-tipped teeth.

Rob Coleman

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Common shrew

This is not a rat as it has a hairy tail, red-tipped teeth and a very long, thin muzzle (indications that this is a shrew). Also the size would be small, even for a baby rat.

It would appear to be at the larger end of the range for common shrew (6-9cm body length)but there is no evidence of a white belly so you can rule out water shrew.

Brown fur often goes dark, almost black when an animal is fresh dead, especially if it is wet.

Rob, if you stick up an identification for common shrew I'll agree to it.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for this, Graham.

Thanks for this, Graham. When I found this I thought it was too big for a Common Shrew, and I know Water Shrews sometimes can be dark all over, now I'm fairly certain the tail/feet aren't right for water shrew either.


Rob Coleman