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Observed: 8th February 2012 By: miked
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Trying to ID a couple of lizards on Tenerife, seems there are not many species but not found a good comparison between them. Genus Gallotia but not clear how many species/subspecies - about 4?

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Lacertids on Tenerife

There are two species of Gallotia lizards on Tenerife. The Tenerife speckled lizard G. intermedia is very rare and restricted to a small part of the north-west of the island where it was only discovered in 1996.

The Tenerife lizard G. galloti is common and widespread across the island, with two subspecies; G.g. galloti over the south and east of the island and G.g. eisentrauti in the north and west. Two other subspecies exist although are not found on mainland Tenerife.