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Horse chewing

Observed: 13th February 2012 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in MammalsRefugee’s reputation in MammalsRefugee’s reputation in Mammals

Would this be like nail chewing or did it have something wrong with its teeth?
It was most likely to have been done by a Horse.

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This happen's if a horse is stressed ,it can be seen in stables when horses are left alone or in fields alone.I remember a long time ago I had a client who had a horse that did this and I gave her one of my goats on lone.The transformation was amazing and they would not go anywhere without each other and the horse was much happier so ended up minus one goat.


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I've seen fences chewed like this, but didn't realise it was like tail-chewing in pigs, ie, down to boredom/stress.

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When you think about it they are social animal's that are meant to live in groups and have space.It is very common for race horses to have a goat living in the stable with them and going in the horse box too when travelling as it calms the horse.It happens to pig's too and any animal that should live in a social group.I used to rescue pet goats and only re-home them as pairs so they had company.The pig tail chewing is as you say boredom,stress and is much less likely to happen in free range pigs.


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Not big enough for two

The field was under an acre. If you look on the location with satellite on you will see the field between buildings and public footpath/driveway. i don't think the horse was that happy in a field that small. My sister had a horse when i was a teenager and it was kept in a field that was once two fields with an old hedge that had been left so long that there were 20 foot gaps in it and mainly just 4 or 5 mature trees in a row with several other privately owned horses and a cow that was being kept as a pet.
The horses were happy there.