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Leopard-like Frog

Observed: 5th July 2011 By: FrancineFrancine’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesFrancine’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

The lake by the campsite is full of frogs, most of them green. They all jump out of them way when you approach and very rarely do you see them away from the water. This one was unusual and looked more like a leopard than a frog.

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Many alternatives

In this part of France you find several Pelophylax frogs:

Marsh frog P. ridibundus - widespread but probably introduced.
Pool frog P. lessonae - native
Edible frog P. kl. esculentus - native
Iberian water frog P. perezi - native
Graf's hybrid frog P. kl. grafi - native but rare

It's probably a bit far west for the Italian pool frog P. bergeri, but you never know. However, this is probably not a full species and is better described as a subspecies of the pool frog P. lessonae bergeri.

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A long list

Hmmm, I think I'll just enjoy their chorus next time and not worry about trying to identify them.