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Green Shieldbug?

Observed: 19th June 2011 By: FrancineFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in Invertebrates

This shieldbug was in a Great Yellow Gentian in the meadows above the Barrage de Riète in the Pyrenees at an altitude of just over 1000m.
It looks like a Green Shieldbug but the colour doesn't look quite right, is it starting to change colour for the winter?

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Not Green Shieldbug

It's definitely not Palomena prasina - among other things, the strong banding on the edge of the abdomen is wrong. Closest thing in the British fauna is Dolycoris baccarum, but that has banded antennae.

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Peribalus strictus

If you look there is also a pale edge to the shoulder of the pronotum with the banded antennal patterns mentioned Family PentatomidaeI AKA Synonyms: Holcostethus strictus, Holcostethus strictus vernalis where it is listed on the British Bugs site as a RDB3 British Species


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Peribalus strictus

Yes, I missed that possibility but agree now that's probably what it is. Both the new photographic guide to shieldbugs (where it's in an appendix) and the old Southwood & Leston book mention similarity with Dolycoris baccarum.