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Using old tights to feed Nyger seed

never fed nyger seed before & hope to attract more finches. as in general birds very active & varied but only chaffinches at present.Web search came up with tights idea.nyger feeders seem expensive.Are tights any good &safe re. feet/claws getting caught?? Out of peanuts & sunflower so next doors feeders are getting the finches,mainly green.Glad to see a coal tit & blackcaps tho'help please. Update As it appears to be getting slightly milder weatherwise have been & bought a cheap nyger feeder that I did not know existed.Here's hoping!



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seed feeders

You can just use general seed feeder's I don't use any other type.If you buy the seed in bulk it is much cheaper and if you feed through to the end of may it help's the adults as they use lots of energy breeding and rearing there young.I read in a bird book that April is the worst month for birds as all the seed,fruits from last year has gone and none of current years is ready so food supply is short except for insect's.If you feed even in very small amounts all year you tend to get more birds as they know it is a regular source of food.