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Observed: 21st September 2011 By: alan1chap
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Hi Alan, Ive put up one or

Hi Alan,

Ive put up one or 2 very like this in recent times and the consensus seems to be that they are Halesus sp. but that they could be H.radiatus, H.digitatus and even a few other species.

Current reliable reference material suggests very close anatomical inspection, not possible from a photo, is required to get to species, from what Ive learnt in recent weeks on here.

Maybe someone else will contribute, would like to hear what Inopinatus thinks about this one.

EDIT- Oh dear I have used brackets within my common name selection, sorry, the first bracketed title belongs to the common name. I have made a spelling error also, it is meant to say 'H.digitatus' in my ID offered above, not -'digitaus'. I apologise.