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Second group of five Roe Deer

Observed: 11th February 2012 By: stoneage
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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I was lucky to see two largish groups of deer this morning and it is definitely two separate groups, although the same male and 4 female.
The first group were heading north east and this group were coming from the south west.

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Lots of roe deer sightings

Anyone have any idea why we're getting so many wonderful roe deer sightings recently? This is the third winter I've been on iSpot and I don't recall so many sightings the last two winters.

Gill Sinclair
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Hi Gill,
I've posted quite a few as part of my S159 OU course....but I have noticed that my own sightings of Roe in my geographical area have increased in the last few years....they must like mid-somerset!

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Roe deer

Roe deer in the mist!

Another great set of roe deer photos. These must be some of the best photographed herds in the country. Have you decided if you are watching two or more herds yet?

Graham Banwell

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Number of Herds

Hi Graham,
I am pretty sure there is only one main herd....I also think there is a smaller separate group of three without an adult male.
There is a possibility of one or two single deer but these maybe break offs from the other two groups.
These sightings have all been within a 12 to 16 sq km area...primarily open farmland (spotted with numerous small woods, mature hedges and little streams).
They 'disappear' into the landscape during the summer so I will divert my attention to ssomething else....!