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Observed: 24th November 2011 By: ex-royalex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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A sepia coloured fungus about 6-7cm in diameter with colour darkening towards the centre of the cap which does not curl over at its edges but which is splitting in several places. The gills are wrinkly, well spaced out and slightly darker in colour.


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Additional Photo

I have added a photo of another fungus growing within yards of the first observation. Could it be of the same type and aid in identification?


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I see at www.fungiworld.co.uk/browse1.htm that Calyptriformis is "Smallish....... with narrow conical, greasy cap; typically solitary on soil amongst short mown or cropped grass. Cap 2.5-6cm dia; More campanulate, slightly greasy, finely radially fibriloise, the margin splitting in older specimens." Would that be a possibility? Or would it apply only to the 4th photo maybe?


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This is where we need a real

This is where we need a real expert, not just a keen beginner like me! Alan Silverside for example, from who's website I found this item about Hygrocybe calyptriformis (which is what I think you are referring above): http://bioref.lastdragon.org/Agaricales/Hygrocybe_calyptriformis.html...