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Variable Damselfly

Observed: 1st July 2011 By: chrisbrooks
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Variable Damselfly

In my part of the UK this is a rare damselfly but can be locally common when located. Colonies tend to be rather compact.

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Another lovely image

Another lovely image Chris,

Didnt think I was going to have internet access til tmoro eve, a bit naively, as I said yesterday, visiting friends.

I just had a more thorough look through the images you have taken and posted on your website. They are wonderful.

Is common hawker there under a different name?

Stunningly beautiful pictures there Chris.

I am starting to gather that I am not going to record a great diversity of species of dragonfly or damselfly in my area. There is one I have seen before but once, it was dead in a bucket of water by an upland lake. It was stumpy and its abdomen was red, sorry- a dragonfly. When I moved it, its wings came off, it was decomposing, furry and fragile. I hope to photgraph the fresh adult this year, hopefully you can help me ID it.

Lovely website, if you havent got any Irish Damselfly images, did you ever think of visiting the part of Ireland they are found in? Are they to be found in England at all?


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Hi Cathal, thanks for your kind comments.

The Common Hawker is actually not at all common in my neck of the woods, rare in fact. I have never got close enough to get an image.

I believe the Irish Damselfly is confined to Ireland and its one for my future travels as is the Northern Damselfly and the White Faced Darter, I need to go to Scotland to get those realistically.

The Scarce Chaser is my main challenge this year, I need to get some more images but it involves quite a lot of travelling.

Beautiful day here, just got back from a successful morning with the camera.

Regards Chris