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Cladonia diversa?

Observed: 10th February 2012 By: Herbie_Hedgehog
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Cladonia_diversa 1
Cladonia_diversa 2

Not certain, could also be C. humilis.
looking at photo I noticed there may be another Cladonia in foreground, maybe C. furcata, but will have to go back for better pics.
Found on basalt rock


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I think there are at least 3 and possibly as many as 4 Cladonia spp. here, but I don't see anything resembling C. diversa or C. humilis. The mass of squamules in the first photo hasn't yet produced well-formed podetia, so identification isn't easy. I suspect the well-formed cup is a different species - possibly C. chlorophaea, but I'm nowhere near certain.

I agree that C. furcata is a distinct possibility for the out-of-focus species in the foreground.

Forgive me for posting a revision back to genus level; it's only to prevent this appearing in the pool of C. diversa observations.