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Weaver bird

Observed: 28th January 2012 By: michaelbluemichaelblue’s reputation in Birds

I know this is a weaver bird but which one? There are so many variations!

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I’m not a great expert on weavers and as you say there are a lot of them, you might like to post this to the SA iSpot website where they should be able to give you a definitive answer. However I’ve speculated it may be this in the mean time.

At the southern end of their range they lack the all black head which gives them the alternative common name of Black-headed Weaver. The Atlas of South African Birds (http://weavers.adu.org.za/list_sa.htm) shows P. cucullatus to be very common in that part of SA.



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Newman gives this species the

Newman gives this species the name Spotted-backed Weaver which seperates it from the two similar South African weavers, as Ray says weavers are a difficult group but there are less species in SA than in East Africa