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Roe Deer in flight

Observed: 9th February 2012 By: chrisbrooks
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Roe Deer
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good shot's

Very nice photo and healthy looking too.


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My Dog

Thanks, my dog is a docile labrador and didn't and wouldn't chase deer but they didn't like the look of him and bolted. My dog would only be interested in a deer if it were decomposed so he could roll in it.

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Know the feeling

My two Border collie dog's seem to be able to find anything partly decomposing and the roll in it too,horrible smell when they get in and lie in front of the fire.


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And that decomposed smell lingers for days, nice !!!!!!!!!!

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Fenton! . . . Fenton! . . .

Excellent photo. Reminds me of the recent YouTube sensation:

Worth looking at some of the spoofs, I particularly like the Jurassic park version!

Graham Banwell

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yearling buck

it's a yearling buck,the other two would be it's mother and a sister or brother.