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Large black & orange beetle

Observed: 26th July 2011 By: Mr Statto
2011-07-26 13.09.16
2011-07-26 13.07.39
2011-07-26 13.08.35

We found this large beetle in my mother's garden last summer

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I wonder if it is Nicrophorus

I wonder if it is Nicrophorus interruptus, with that gap in the front orange band. One of the less common species, but I don't know it personally.

The person in the pic may not be delighted to know that this is a Sexton or Burying Beetle. You might guess the rest, but in case not, the adults lay their eggs in rotting animal carcases after burying the carcase by excavating below the body. Very efficient scavengers and recyclers, and we should be grateful that something does the job for us! has some background.



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